Questions you may have

We are here to address any and all of your questions or concerns. If the information you need is not covered below, reach out to our team so we can have the right conversation.

An anonymous donation means your identity will never be revealed to the Intended Parent(s). During an open donation, desired contact between both parties will be established during the contract process.

Donors are compensated a fixed rate of $10,000 for the first time donation and $12,000 for every donation after that. This is taxable income and a 1099 will be provided by Simplicity Egg Donation after compensation is received.

The entire process will take approximately 2 to 4 months after you have been selected by Intended Parents. Selection may occur shortly after entering our database, it may take several months, or selection may never occur. Selection by Intended Parents is not guaranteed upon acceptance into the program.

Typically, the egg retrieval procedure takes place at the reproductive endocrinologist’s office that has been chosen by the Intended Parent(s). You will most likely make two trips to the city in which the donation is occurring. The first is usually an overnight trip to meet with the physician and a second longer trip takes place to complete the donation. Travel is paid for in its entirety and you are able to bring a companion to accompany you on the second trip.

Donors will cover their transportation costs to their local doctor’s office and will be required to provide a current PAP Smear at their cost.

Currently, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s guidelines state that egg donors can donate 6 times with a possible 7th donation after a physician’s approval.

Your medication protocol will vary depending on prescribing physician and it is tailored specifically to your body.  However, women going through the donation process typically take some combination of birth control pills, self-administered injectable hormones, and an antibiotic. 

The most important piece of being an egg donor is answering all questions honestly and completely.  This is a huge choice for Intended Parent(s) and a complete, detailed profile can assist them in making the right choice.  In addition to a thorough profile, uploading a video that follows our guidelines and suggestions will also be very helpful.