Questions and concerns you might be experiencing

For many of our intended parents this is a new experience and we understand the egg donation process can be intimidating. 

Click below for answers to some commonly asked questions.

Simplicity Egg Donation individually selects egg donor candidates after conducting a rigorous application process and phone screening.  Candidates are evaluated based on their health history, genetic history, and overall physical, mental, and emotional competency.  Only the top tier candidates are chosen.  These women are committed to assisting families and are completely ready to donate.

Simplicity Egg Donation is available to support you around the clock in any way possible.  We are committed to helping you expand your family and will be here for you every step of the way. 

Simplicity Egg Donation promises to be transparent about any costs associated with egg donation.  Certain costs vary greatly, so we created this cost breakdown to be as clear as possible about your investment.

Donor profiles include information about the specific donor’s ability to travel.  In the majority of cases, donors will travel to the preferred clinic of the Intended Parents for the amount of time desired.

After selecting a donor, the typical psychological and medical approval process usually takes 1-2 months and then it takes an additional 1-2 months to complete the donation cycle.