Growing Family
Growing Family

You are on your path to a growing family–Take the next step in your journey

You have made the growth of your family a priority in your life. Seeking an egg donor is a deeply personal way for you to expand your family with a donor who fits your needs exactly. Simplicity Egg Donation will help and guide you at every step pf this journey, ensuring our services match the level of your commitment to the joyous conclusion of a healthy baby and a happy family.

Review our process and if you have any questions or concerns about any step, please contact us so that we can provide any and all details you may need to proceed.

We understand that this is an important decision. We are here to support you and help you in any way we can. It is our honor to be part of realizing your family.

Our Process

Our entire IP process is designed to support you and aid your family in selecting the perfect donor by providing all the guidance you need to make an informed donor selection. We will be with you every step of the way.

Create a Login

Create your personalized and secure login to gain access to our entire database of potential egg donor matches.

Our Donors

With your login created, you may search our anonymous collection of donors filtered by various qualities, including hair color, eye color, race, and beyond. Intended parents will be given access to the donor’s official questionnaire, pictures and video to further refine the search.

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Following Up

Once our organization personally contacts you and we have a conversation to confirm your donor selection, we will send intended parents a form that collects detailed and essential information—including the name of the clinic you have been working with, timeline to begin cycle and whether or not you are using a surrogate, among other important information.

Donor Confirmation

A contract will be sent for review and Simplicity Egg Donation will immediately contact the donor to determine they are able and ready to begin the donation process. Once the donor confirms, we collect the completed contract and your deposit.

Cost Breakdown

Further Donor Screening

For your protection and the protection of our donors, once we receive your deposit, the donor will begin an extensive physical and mental health screening. Once the relevant information is secured, Simplicity Egg Donation will send all relevant information to your chosen fertility clinic to begin the donation process.

We are here to Help

Throughout the donation process, we will continue to offer support, answer your questions, address your concerns and guide our intended parents towards fulfillment. If you do not find a donor match within our system, please contact us directly. Tell us what type of donor you seek and a custom search will be carried out.