An investment in the future of your family

Egg donation is a substantial step in expanding your family. At Simplicity Egg Donation a transparent pricing model is essential to our organization developing a transparent partnership with all of our intended parents.

Egg Donor Compensation

Donors are compensated a flat fee. First time donors are compensated $10,000 and repeat donors receive $12,000.

Attorney Fees

$1500, $1000 for IP representation and $500 for donor representation.

IVF Expenses

Refer to specialist for this information, can be $20,000+ dependent on protocol and any insurance

Agency Fees

$1500 deposit upon donor selection. $6000 of the remaining deposit balance due once egg donor passes all evaluations.

Insurance Premium for Donor

Insurance to protect donor from any unexpected medical complications that arise during the donation process.

Screening fee Psychological

Donors will be evaluated by a licensed professional prior to commencing donation cycle.

Travel Fee Expenses

Depending on the distance your donor has to travel and your desired length of her travel, these expenses will vary.

Additional testing / screening

Intended parents can choose to have their donor evaluated for fertility potential or genetic conditions. Please refer to your reproductive endocrinologist for services available to you.

Family Walking Children

Keeping you informed every single step of the way

Never hesitate to ask us about any part of our process. Clarity is essential to the services we offer. Every step forward comes with the education and guidance our intended parents deserve. The process of egg donation can be daunting and we always be there, day or night, to discuss any questions you might be having. Our experience within this space has left us well equipped to address and counsel any concern you may be experiencing.