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Our founder went on her own journey to build a family, struggling with obstacles to conception. We understand the desire for a family and want to help you on your journey to parenthood. This journey has many available paths and egg donation is one powerful and widely used option.

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We have a unique understanding of every step it takes to become a successful donor and of the commitment required to provide this life-changing gift. We will guide you during every part of the donation process, ensuring you have all the information and all the support you need.

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Expertise Service

Expertise through service

Our founder, Megan Sayers, established Simplicity Egg Donation because she is extremely passionate about helping people create their families. Megan and her husband went through their own struggle to conceive and during this journey, she discovered the National Infertility Organization, Resolve. After attending her first Resolve support group meeting in 2013 and connecting with others going through similar journeys, she decided she wanted to dedicate her career to helping others expand their families. Megan decided to host a local support group in the suburbs of Chicago to continue meeting and helping others navigate their journeys.

Simplicity Egg Donation carefully screens potential donors with the utmost attention to detail to ensure only the most qualified and dedicated donors end up in our database. Megan's experience connecting intended families with potential donors inspired her to found Simplicity Egg Donation, to create an organization that puts people before transaction, a company that cares about families.