How Does Simplicity Egg Donation Select Someone To Be An Egg Donor

Simplicity Egg Donation seeks egg donors of all races, religions, and backgrounds.  We look for passionate and educated women that are committed to helping create families by becoming an egg donor.

Egg Donors must be

·      Between 21 and 30 years old

·      Non-Smoking

·      No drug usage

·      Healthy BMI

·      Free of any known genetic conditions

Once egg donor candidates have met these basic qualifications, each one goes through a rigorous screening process.  In addition to meeting all of our health and background standards, we want all of our donors to have a complete understanding of the process and be committed to helping others.  Donors must pass an intensive application process that collects a multitude of information about the donor.  Simplicity Egg Donation analyzes their answers in detail and only accepts the top tier of applicants.  We look for educated, healthy women who have a strong desire to help others and contribute positively to the lives of others.  The process of donating eggs is not always an easy one, so selecting donors for our program that have the determination and dedication to follow through is essential.

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